What is Active Recovery?

What is Active Recovery?

The human body wants to move, be active, explore.
Active Recovery™ means you'll enjoy immediate and lasting
benefits, especially while going about your daily activities.

Arch Support
Deep Heel Cup
Heel-to-toe Contact
Toe Grip


Arch Support   Deep Heel Cup   Heel-to-toe Contact   Toe Grip

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Arch Support

Benefits: Arch supports secure proper alignment, helping prevent foot pronation and supination.

Deep Heel Cup

Benefits: Deep heel cup stabilizes the foot and protects the natural calcaneal (heel) fat pad.

Heel-to-toe Contact

Benefits: The Birki's neutral footbed keeps the body column's integrity so no additional compensation or adjustment is needed. It also allows the foot to maintain its normal gait and natural flexibility.

Toe Grip

Benefits: Toe grip exercises the foot, improving blood circulation to muscles throughout the body. Balanced use of all muscles decreases cramps and inflammation.

Suede Footbed Liner Top Jute Layer Cork-Latex Midsole Bottom Jute Layer EVA Sole

Suede Footbed Liner

Soothing against the skin, the suede footbed liner completes the overall comfortable environment.

Top Jute Layer

Wicks away moisture to provide a cozy, relaxed climate underfoot.

Cork-Latex Midsole

The ultimate combination for support and flexibility, the natural cork-latex midsole forms to your foot, for maximum heel-to-toe contact.

Bottom Jute Layer

Maintains footbed integrity and stability, allowing you full control as you to go about your daily activities.

EVA Sole

Cushioning EVA sole provides shock-absorbency.

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Here are the Facts

Birki's are the real deal, engineered to support your body's natural movements, not alter them. The Birki's footbed delivers the benefits of Active Recovery underfoot, letting your feet exercise and recover naturally. This is based not on months or years of research and development, but centuries. It's not a fad or trend, instead it's something you can believe in. Really